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EOTech G33 Magnifier Protective Housing

EOTech G33 Magnifier Protective Housing

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This is a 3D printed protective housing for the EOTech G33/30 magnifier (see my other listings for G45).  It replaces the original rubber cover which provides no protection to the adjustment knobs and can slide around on the outside of the optic body.  The fiber reinforced nylon material used to print this cover is both impact resistant and capable of withstanding high temperatures (250+ Fahrenheit) without deforming.

The black version is printed in a carbon fiber reinforced nylon, and the FDE version is printed in a glass reinforced nylon.  The FDE version matches magpul's MCT color fairly closely and can also be dyed with RIT dye if you need to match it to other colors.

Both the short and long versions are compatible with the original STS mount (with and without spacer) as well as the Unity OMNI mount.  Fitment has not been checked with the older G33 specific Unity mount.

Due to this being a 3D printed part, small defects and imperfections are to be expected.  If this is not acceptable to you, DO NOT ORDER.  While I understand aesthetics are important, the performance of the part is more important than its appearance.
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