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Green PSA Dagger Flared Magwell - Glass Reinforced Nylon

Green PSA Dagger Flared Magwell - Glass Reinforced Nylon

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Installation and overview:

*Please check what size frame you have before ordering, the frame size is labeled on the left side of the frame just above the accessory rail*

This is a 3D printed magazine well for the PSA Dagger.  It is printed in glass fiber reinforced nylon plastic.  The frame of your Dagger is a similar polymer (also glass nylon).  It is strong while being impact resistant.  This material is superior to the standard 3D printing filament as it can withstand higher temperatures (over 250F) without deforming.  Mounting hardware included, 3/32 hex wrench not included.

These sniper green magwells have been dyed to match using a dye optimized for synthetic materials, including nylon.  Due to the fact they are dyed, the green color does not go all the way through the part, just like anodizing on aluminum does not go entirely through the part.  If you scratch the magwell, the underlying FDE may show through.  The dying process is tightly controlled but the color of each piece will still likely be slightly different from each other, but I will ensure they are all a close color match to my sniper green frame.

3D printed parts may have minor cosmetic imperfections due to the manufacturing method, if this is not acceptable to you, please do not order. That being said, if I wouldn't put it on my own gun, I wont send it to you.  This plastic can be sanded and painted if desired

Magwell has been tested to work with magazine extensions from: Shield Arms, Taran tactical, Strike Industries (plastic), and should work with many others.


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