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PSA Micro Dagger Magwell - All Colors

PSA Micro Dagger Magwell - All Colors

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Magazine Cutouts:

This is a 3D printed flared magazine well for the PSA Micro Dagger printed in carbon(black) or glass(color) fiber reinforced nylon plastic.  It is strong while being impact resistant and is superior to the standard 3D printing filament as it can withstand higher temperatures (over 250F) without deforming.  Mounting hardware included, 3/32 hex wrench not included.

The width of the port is 35% larger than the OEM opening (1.15" vs .85") and the overall width of the magwell is 1.25" (.08" wider than frame on each side).  Compatible with PSA magazines and OEM 10 round g43x magazines.  NOT compatible with Shield Arms S15 magazines.

3D printed parts will have minor cosmetic imperfections due to the manufacturing method, if this is not acceptable to you, please do not order.  This plastic can be sanded and painted if desired


**White magwells are for YOU to dye to whatever color you'd like.  The dye will not penetrate throughout the entire part and can be compared to anodizing on aluminum.  The dye (and anodizing) alter a small depth of material on the surface but deep scratches will reveal the bare material underneath.**

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